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McDonald Plastic Molding serves several different markets. We are always looking for the next opportunity and aren't afraid to take on any challenge in any market. Below is a list of markets where we have manufactured products or provides services for. Contact us today to see how our team can help or what we can do for your market or need.


Within the automotive industry, injection molding is one of the predominant methods used for forming plastic parts, especially as an alternative to metals. Between under-the-hood, interior, or exterior of the car, injection molding is a necessity for a number of the components found in a completed car. The production process includes injecting molten plastic materials into a mold cavity, which then cools and hardens so that the finished part can be removed. When you choose McDonald Plastic Molding as your go-to automotive plastic injection molder, a great end result is not only expected, it's guaranteed!


Consistency, affordability, quality, and timeliness are all qualities expected for injection molding for consumer products. By maintaining a broad view of any project, McDonald Plastic Molding is ready to tackle anything from ultrasonic welding and pad printing to heat staking and assembly. The consumer market OEM includes items that are used for everything from basic personal care items to intricate applications such as household garbage disposals or faucet assemblies. Our team of experts work one-on-one with you in order to create the most efficient solution that brings your consumer project to life.


Numerous kinds of test equipment, lighting, and sensors are important in the electrical field. The art of manufacturing the plastic parts that make up these goods involves extreme accuracy and precision in order to be safe for use. In addition, electrical devices are needed for long-term use so quality is key. Plastic is the ideal material for this market because it can be either conductive or non-conductive plastic resin. Combined with watertight seals, these plastic injection molding solutions can be UV resistant with the ability to be used in flexible or rigid applications.


The goods that make up the industrial market are similar to the consumer market but involve business-to-business sales. Therefore, creating injection molding solutions that are not only top quality but also seen as affordable is a necessity. McDonald Plastic Molding has access to the latest technology and tools, along with a team that holds all the knowledge necessary to work with you from concept to creation. We are no stranger to taking on projects that others won't because we are that confident in our ability to exceed your expectations. Your own personal industrial plastic injection molding solution is just a phone call away!

Water Filtration

Water filtration is the system or process of filtering out particles and pollutants from water, making the resource both safe and clean. It takes the use of a lot of parts to successfully filtrate water, which is where plastic injection molding comes in handy. McDonald Plastic Molding manufactures customer plastic injection molded parts and assembled components for the water filtration market for use in private, commercial, and municipal water filtration facilities. You can also count on us to design and maintain the tooling for these operations to control costs and ensure the quality of the finished parts and components.


The parts that make up the defense/military injection molding industry serve a very important purpose. Therefore, the creation of these components must be extremely precise in order to create an end product that can be trusted to function without hesitation. Military-grade plastic components come into fruition with the use of high temperature resins and engineered resins. McDonald Plastic Molding experts have the experience and proper resources to bring these durable solutions to life. After all, when failure is not an option and lives are on the line, we have the expertise to get the job done right.

Recreational Vehicles

Over the years, the transportation market has made an enormous conversion to plastic parts from metal components and this would be evident in recreational vehicles, also known as RVs. Not only do plastic parts in this application help drive down costs, but it also maintains part strength and reduces weight when compared to metal. McDonald Plastic Molding has the knowledge and expertise to produce reliable, high-performance interior and exterior plastic components and molds. We stand by the fact that our solutions offer design flexibility, affordability, durability, lightweight options, and customization.


Medical suppliers have found that plastic injection molding medical parts, components, and devices is one of the most effective ways to attain quality and specifications they need in a cost-effective and efficient manner. These jobs typically require exceptional accuracy and the capacity to create high volumes - both of which are expectations that McDonald Plastic Molding excels in. In addition, our company utilizes medical grade plastic resins that offer excellent mechanical properties that include high tensile strength and high temperature load ratings.

Fluid Handling

You wouldn't trust just anyone to produce the components for fluid handling - but know that you can rely on the experts at McDonald Plastic Molding. Plastic is often chosen as the material of choice for this job due to its resistance to corrosion, scale buildup, and sweating. The process of molding and assembling the plastic components required for fluid handling includes engineered resins and tight tolerance molding. McDonald Plastic Molding utilizes precision machining and the most accurate tools possible so that your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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