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Capable of molding wide range of thermoplastic resins including filled/unfilled PP, acetal, HIPS, PS, PC, nylon, and ABS. In our services we design assist & help prototyping, we do injection molding, assembly, post mold decorating & advanced technology. Our injection molding press capacity ranges from 28 ton to 550 ton with 72 total injection molding presses in-house.

Design Assist & Prototyping

From start to finish, McDonald Plastic Molding can add exceptional value to projects of all sizes. Through state-of-the-art engineering capabilities to post mold assembly, the vertical integration applied to plastic projects is second to none. Custom Injection Molded projects can get very complex. However, McDonald Plastic Molding has the knowledge and experience to create top-of-the-line products with remarkable speed to market.

McDonald Plastic Molding also has the ability to develop tooling for prototyping various parts. With years of tooling experience on our side, trust in our team to create sample parts for a multitude of quality specifications. From basic fit and function test to market ready consumer products, the prototype parts from McDonald Plastic Molding are second to none.

Injection Molding

McDonald Plastic Molding is determined to provide injection molding solutions across a multitude of industries, and at a competitive price. Industries served include Automotive, Education, Electronics, Hardware, Home Products, Industrial Applications, Marketing Products, Military, Plumbing, and Sporting Goods. Utilizing the newest technology, precise, high speed automation robotics, 24 Hour In-process quality control, and customer friendly Kanban inventory systems, McDonald Plastic Molding has shown a commitment to delivering the highest quality injection molded solutions to customers for over 30 years.

Our can-do approach is only possible because we have the resources necessary to provide custom plastic injection molding solutions with machine capacity from 28-550 tons – on-time and on-budget.

We believe every problem has a solution. And we never rest until we find it. The first step is to fully understand the specifics of your plastic injection molding challenge. And that’s what we do every time.


At McDonald Plastic Molding, once a customer always a customer. Our team stands out as we’re willing to tackle projects that most other injection molding companies won’t, which includes the ability to provide assembly work. In the process, we also have the ability to perform ultrasonic welding, machining, printing, hot stamping, heat staking, and even insert overloading. State-of-the-art secondary operation management allows for better vertical integration for customers of all sizes.

Post Mold Decorating

Additional secondary operations offered by McDonald Plastic Molding would be post mold decorating, which is achieved by performing pad print and hot stamping the plastic parts produced. This allows customers to truly have their most detailed plastic imaginations brought to life. You deserve the best and that’s exactly what McDonald Plastic Molding offers!


McDonald Plastic Molding is an experienced molder with knowledge of current resin technologies. The design and production utilized to create our plastic components originate from materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures and corrosive fluids. While there are hundreds of commodity and engineering resins available in today’s market, we only invest in the best.

Advanced Technology

Technology on the production floor can provide time savings, safety, stats, and much more. McDonald Plastic Molding knows this firsthand through the everyday use of eProcessing books, Statistical Process Control (SPC), leak testing, and pressure decay testing.

One investment our company recently made in order to enhance production efforts through the use of technology was the installation of Epicor Mattec MES. An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a computerized system used in manufacturing in order to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. For our facilities, this means that each injection molding machine is equipped with touch screen hardware to allow operators to easily interact with the MES and view work instructions, inspection requirements, prints, assembly videos, and other related information. In addition, technical and warehouse staff are equipped with mobile devices to access and input data from the shop floor.

The MES presents data in an actionable format which helps enable McDonald Plastic Molding’s leadership to objectively identify individual improvement opportunities, as well as measure overall plant performance.

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